Great Fang King
きばだいおう Kiba Daiō
Personal Data
Status Deceased
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
English James Avery
Professional Status
Team(s) Fang Clan

The Great Fang King (きばだいおう, Kiba Daiō) was the Chief of the Fang Clan, which he is the head patriarch of, and a former practitioner of the Mount Hua Horn Wrestling.


The Great Fang King is a survivor of the 199X Nuclear War, where he thereafter became the Chief of the Fang Clan.



Fang Clan

The members are treated as the Great Fang King's children, whereas in actuality, they're more equivalent to cannon fodder that gets the Great Fang King out of trouble.



Part I

Fang Clan — Jagi Arc

The Great Fang King first appears after the deaths of various members of the Fang Clan, where he is informed by his "children," that a man with seven scars has killed a lot of his men. Saddened by the loss of his children the Great Fang King promises to defeat the man who has killed his children.

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