local p = {}
local yn = require( 'Module:Yesno' )
local err = require( 'Module:Error' )
local reason = mw.loadData( 'Module:Delete/reason' )
function p.delete(frame)
    local args = frame:getParent().args
    local rs = "<br>'''Reason for deletion:''' "
    local ns = frame:preprocess('{{NAMESPACE}}')
    local disc = yn(args.discussion, true) and args.discussion or frame:preprocess('{{TALKPAGENAME}}')
    ns = yn(ns, true) and mw.ustring.lower(ns) or 'article'
    --Categorize the page
    local cat = ""
    if args.categories ~= 'false' then cat = "[[Category:Candidates for Deletion]]"
        if yn(args.quick) then cat = cat .. "[[Category:Candidates for Deletion (Quick)]]" end
    -- Deciede reason for deletion
    if yn(args.reason, true) then reason = frame:preprocess(args.reason)
    elseif yn(args.pre, true) then
        if reason[args.pre] == nil then return err('Invalid Preformatted reason') end
        reason = frame:preprocess(reason[args.pre])
        reason = ''
        rs = ''
    rs = rs .. reason
    -- Create the container
    local box = mw.html.create('div')
                :addClass('boilerplate metadata')
                :attr('id', 'delete')
                :css('background', yn(args.quick) and '#fee' or '#edf1f1')
    --Fill it
    local text
    if yn(args.quick) then
      text = "'''This " .. ns .. " is a candidate for speedy deletion.'''"..
      " A user believes that this page makes a clear violation under the Narutopedia's [[Deletion policy]].<br>"..
      "If you disagree with this, then replace this notice area with <code>{{Delete}}</code>" ..
      " and [["..disc.."|discussion]] on whether it should be deleted may commence."
    else text = "'''This " .. ns .. " is being considered for deletion''' in accordance with the Narutopedia's"..
        " [[Deletion policy]].<br>Please share your thoughts on the matter on the [["..disc.."|discussion page]]"
	-- Hardcoded footer in template as it always remains same
	text = text .. rs .. frame:preprocess(frame.args.footer).. cat
    return box:wikitext(text)
return p
--[[Category:Lua Modules]]
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